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ITs more fun this way

I have a game very similiar to promo wards called Extreme Warfare deluxe, everyoen should get it, tis great. Right now i started upa new WCW incorparating many of the old ECW guys into to make for the now EWCW we have in reality. I have soem guys i like who they dont have too, and to Lightweight belts, because the lightweights in WCW are the best thign they have!
WCW cahmpions
World champion: Rob Van Dam
United States: Booker T
Cruiserweight: Super crazy
High Flying: rey Mysterion Jr
HArdcore: chris Daniels
tag: Mike modest and mike awesome
There you ahve it, many are underrated stars, like modest, mysterio and daniels. But in my FED they rule!
peace out, keep promoting!
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