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Wrestlemania 2002

Live from the Sold Out Georgia Dome

WWF Tag Team Championship match:
The Hardy Boyz (c)vs. Air Raid (AJ Styles and Air Parris)
AJ Styles with a Shooting-Star Press on Jeff Hardy
Winners: Air Raid

WWF Hardcore Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Lance Storm vs. Chris Jericho
Winner: Lance Storm with the Maple Leaf on RVD

Six-Man Tag Match:
Triple H, Elix Skipper and Fhil Belch vs. Sting, Sabu and Mitsuharu Misawa
Elix with the Play of the Day on Misawa
Winners: Triple H, Elix Skipper and Fhil Belch

WWF European Championship Match, Ladder Style:
K-Kwik (c) vs. Chris Beniot
Winner: K-Kwik

WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match (vacant):
Flash Funk vs. Dragon Kid
Winner: Flash Funk with the Scorpio Splash

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match, Ref. Kane:
Scott Steiner (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Winner: Steiner with a roll up

WWF Championship Match:
Angle (c) vs. Goldberg vs. The Rock
Winner: Angle with the Angle Slam on Goldberg
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